I’m excited to share that The Get podcast, the marketing talent podcast hosted by yours truly, has wrapped up its second season. It’s ready for you to binge.

If you are looking to feel productive, get inspired, and learn, tune in.

The Get podcast

The Get explores how B2B SaaS companies can get – and keep – the best CMOs and other marketing leaders.

This season we learn some crucial tips on CEO/CMO alignment. We look at how marketing leaders should build their teams creatively in difficult times. We examine the trend of CMOs becoming CROs, part of the momentum of what I call ‘CMO Plus’ roles. We look at the marketing org at one of the hottest SaaS companies around, and examine the notion of a CMO 3.0. We also have a 3-part special on fractional CMOs, which can be a great option for growth-stage companies these days.

The lineup:

How to Hire Your First CMO, with Tricia Gellman, the CMO of Drift. We discuss:

  • How CMOs and CEOs can align on the role and purpose of marketing
  • How Drift’s marketing team is organized
  • Why your product marketing leader is likely the hardest role to hire for

Why I’m Not a Growth Marketer, with Christina Mautz, the CMO of Moz. We discuss:

  • How to react to a CEO or board member who doesn’t trust marketing
  • How the best CEOs figure out what flavor of CMO they need
  • How conversion is “the indirect by-product of really great marketing”

The Art of Being a Revenue-Oriented CMO, with Scott Horn, CRO of PrismHR. We discuss:

  • What it’s like to switch from CMO to CRO
  • Why only some people on the team should interview
  • Tips for hiring an SDR team

Building Marketing Teams in Troubled Times, with Jason Seeba, SVP of Marketing at eightfold.ai. We discuss:

  • How to go from martech/marketing ops to a broader marketing leadership role
  • How to scale up an SDR team very quickly, using HR tech
  • How to use ‘reverse referrals’ when building your marketing team

Fractional CMOs: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly, with Mike DiPietro. We discuss:

  • What it’s like to work for private equity portfolio companies as a fractional CMO
  • How a CEO can differentiate among all the different fractional CMOs out there
  • Why a veteran CMO may – or may not – be a good fractional CMO

The True Value of a Fractional CMO, with Todd Wilms. We discuss:

  • What’s the value prop is for a fractional CMO, anyway?
  • How a CEO should pick a fractional CMO
  • How to balance the 3 roles of a fractional CMO: getting stuff done themselves, marshalling their networks, and serving as marketing therapists

The Real Reasons Early-stage B2B Companies Should Hire Fractional CMOs, with Lori Cohen. We discuss:

  • How a fractional CMO can challenge a CEO from the outside differently – and sometimes more so — than from the inside
  • How to differentiate yourself as a fractional CMO: “You shouldn’t be afraid of going narrow”
  • How to manage a diversified portfolio of fractional CMO roles

The Get is generously produced by the team at Spiceworks Ziff Davis

Thank you to the producer, Chitra Iyer. And thank you to all the marketing leaders who have spent time sharing their stories.

We’ll be kicking off Season 3 in the fall. Likely topics on the docket include:

  • Recruiting and leading worldwide/distributed marketing teams
  • How to have a more inclusive search process… and outcome
  • The first 90 Days in a new CMO role