The Connective Good is a retained executive recruiting firm with a niche specialty in marketing. (Not the ‘make it pretty’ marketing, but the ‘make money’ marketing.) We focus on recruiting leaders in:

Marketing | Digital Strategy | Marketing Technology | Marketing Analytics | Market Research

The CMO Hiring Market

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Representative Projects

Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer

for a B2B SaaS company in the public safety category

VP of Marketing and Sales

for a leading car-sharing company

Global VP of Marketing Data & Technology

for a large SaaS tech company

VP of Marketing Analytics

Evangelizing and explaining analytics to consumer marketers

VP of Marketing

for a cybersecurity company funded by Bain Capital

VP of Marketing and Sales

for a leading car-sharing company

VP of Marketing

for a cybersecurity company founded by Bain Capital

Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer

for a B2B SaaS company in the public safety category

Global VP of Marketing Data & Technology

for a large SaaS tech company

VP of Marketing Analytics

for a SaaS marketing technology company

A Better Way to Recruit

On Your Own

  • You spend way more time than you expected
  • Your network isn’t broad enough to turn up the unique talent you need
  • You puzzle over what you really need

With The Connective Good

  • You get a shortlist of candidates within days
  • You get access to people who would never respond to a job posting
  • You get help figuring out what skillset and experience level you need, from someone with deep expertise in the marketing ecosystem

The Connective Good Process

We’ve developed a repeatable process that has led to delighted clients and sky-high retention rates.


Your culture is unique. We get it. We’ll spend 1-2 days in your office to soak up your culture and your needs, so we can represent it accurately to candidates and bring you people who fit.


Most job specs are boring. They focus just on what the company needs. We create compelling job specs — and use infographics and videos — to pierce the attention barrier with candidates.


The best candidates are not necessarily out there looking actively. They have to be wooed. We’ll scout the candidates that are just right, even if it takes hundreds of conversations.


If you only interview, you’ll get the person who interviews the best, not necessarily the person who’ll be the best at the job. We go beyond interviews and evaluate the actual work that candidates do.


We have a sky-high acceptance rate on job offers, as our process is so careful and robust.

Erica’s process is comprehensive, efficient, transparent, and well-tuned to the specific needs of our company.


Every single candidate Erica introduced me to told me they felt she did an outstanding job of representing our firm to them and made them feel very special in the search process.

Positively delightful to work with, drives to great results, infuses creative approaches, and never misses a step.

What Clients Say About Us

Erica Seidel is a masterful recruiter of relevant marketing talent with a strong network and a process to ensure a great fit with your organizational needs and culture.

She nailed just about every conversation she had on our behalf — whether or not the prospect turned out to be a perfect fit or not.

It was a no-brainer for us to choose Erica because of her depth of experience hiring for this kind of role in our type of company. The search was a great experience, beginning to end.  

In the end, we had two outstanding candidates that left us in the enviable position of being able to be picky about the final decision.

About Erica Seidel, Founder

Erica established The Connective Good in 2011. Her philosophy is that recruiting needs to look less like procurement and more like one-to-one sales and marketing. Erica has placed marketing, marketing analytics, marketing technology, and customer success leaders for a range of companies, including Zipcar, BlueConic, Healthgrades, MarketShare, Datto, Allocadia, and FranConnect,  to name a few.

Previously, she ran Forrester Research’s global advisory businesses for CMOs and digital marketing leaders of Fortune 500 companies.

Erica has an MBA in Marketing from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a BA in International Relations from Brown University.

She is on the Advisory Board for the MarTech conference, she serves as a coach to the Ascendant Network for the industry’s top digital marketing leaders, and she co-leads the Marketing Tech in the Hub invite-only event series.

I would trust her with any engagement in the People space, and am constantly amazed by her network.

Amy Buckner Chowdhry

CEO, AnswerLab

The Connective Good Blog

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