Excited to share with you my newest project…

The Get Podcast

Meet The Get, the new marketing talent podcast.

My days are chock-full of talking to marketing leaders one-on-one.

It’s fun to swim around in the tribulations, trends, and triumphs of today’s top marketers.

And at the end of nearly every day, I think:

“Wouldn’t it be great if all the people I talked to today could simply hear from each other?”

The Get is a step in that direction. A way to scale and share these conversations.

The goal of The Get is to demystify and re-imagine the intersection of marketing, recruiting, and high-growth B2B SaaS companies.

You can listen to five episodes now:

  • Get to Know ‘The Get’: Yours truly discusses what it’s like to recruit marketing leaders for B2B SaaS companies. I share 6 pro tips for CEOs looking to hire their next marketing leader.


  • The Anatomy of a CMO SearchWhat’s the difference between a CMO and a VP of Marketing? I interview Julia Stead, who I placed earlier this year as CMO at marketing performance management leader Allocadia.


  • Hiring Marketers for Hypergrowth: I’ve tried to recruit Mike Raley, SVP of Marketing at Coveo, a bunch of times. I haven’t been successful yet: Mike has been focused on building the marketing engine for Coveo, the Canadian unicorn that uses AI to manage customer relationships. Hear about how Mike hires for hypergrowth. We also do a fun lightning round of trends for 2020.


  • When Investors Hire CMOs…aka Revenue Leaders: What’s the role of the investor in a CMO search? How can we avoid the ‘surprise veto power’ of the investor when we hire? David Badler, Partner at Susquehanna Growth Equity, was a fabulous guest.


  • Culture, conflict, and high-growth B2B SaaS CMOs: How the best marketing leaders draw a straight line from business strategy to marketing strategy to org design to hiring… and how they don’t just hire for values, but actually goal their teams on behaving in accordance with those values. Drew Fortin, SVP of Sales & Marketing at The Predictive Index, will make you think.

Upcoming episodes will focus on:

  • What it’s like to run marketing in the high-growth cybersecurity space — where customers are notoriously skeptical
  • More investor perspectives on CMO hiring in PE-backed companies

The Get is produced by MarTech Advisor. MarTech Advisor, a part of the Ziff Davis B2B media network, is one of the world’s leading sources for unbiased research, insights and expert commentary on marketing technology.

Want to suggest a topic for a future podcast? Let me know.  

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