This episode of The Get podcast is a super one! Hear two SaaS marketing leaders from PE-backed companies discuss their hard-won learnings on working with Boards.

You’ll learn about:

  • The relative importance of the 3 C’s – Context, Content, and Confidence – when interacting with the Board
  • How Boards tend to respond to certain marketing terms with open arms (ICP, personas, ABM) and other marketing terms with shaking heads (hint: brand!)
  • The importance of Board posture and how marketing and sales can support each other during Board interactions
  • How a marketing maturity matrix can be useful to show the Board

Madeline O’Phelan is VP of Marketing at Verity, the SaaS fintech company. I had the pleasure of placing her into that role.

Allison Dancy is a veteran CMO who most recently was CMO for Kibo in the e-commerce space. I have tried valiantly to recruit her and hopefully will succeed one day!