It’s every CMO’s complaint: “Everyone thinks they’re a marketer.” With so many people outside of marketing weighing in, this can make the CMO job challenging…. unless you learn how to actually harness the emotional investment that others in the company have. 

Here’s my interview for The Get podcast with Justin Steinman. Justin is the CMO of Definitive Healthcare, the healthcare commercial intelligence company. He joined the company to help fuel a scale-up to the $500MM mark, and went through an IPO already. He shares:

  • What it’s like to do a rebrand, a marketing transformation, and an IPO all at once
  • How to do a marketing transformation that actually leads to the rest of the org respecting marketing
  • How to acknowledge and embrace the emotional investment in the brand that people outside of marketing have
  • Why a CMO should never use the phrase ‘my marketing budget’
  • How to tell whether a company that has not traditionally invested in marketing is ready for it
  • How to bring in practices from big companies to companies that are scaling up… without overpowering the business
  • How one particular interview question will reveal a lot about someone’s view of marketing and their ability to structure their thoughts

This is Episode 5 of The Get podcast, now in Season 4. This season, we explore the theme ‘Solving for the Scale Journey.’