On this episode of The Get podcast, we hear from Sandra Lopez. She’s a marketing dynamo who has been in marketing leadership and general management roles in many of the world’s biggest and most influential tech companies, like Adobe, Intel, and Microsoft. She recently served as co-chair for the World Economic Forum for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. She also serves on the Board of Directors for Junior Achievement USA and PureRED, she’s an advisor for Cabra Sports, and she is the co-chair for Sports Integrity Global Alliance. She and I discussed:


  • How CMOs can best prepare for Board positions
  • How interviewing for a Board seat is different from interviewing for a marketing leadership role
  • When to say no to Board opportunities
  • How to educate the Board on how long things take in marketing: “It’s hard to educate someone in 30 minutes, so you have to think creatively!”
  • How to model out the impacts of marketing decisions, like simplifying brand architecture, for the CFO and CEO
  • How to translate the language of marketing so that Board members with other backgrounds don’t dismiss marketing initiatives