This season on The Get podcast, we’ve been exploring the CMO/Board relationship. Here is a particularly fun episode: you’ll hear a CMO and her Board member not just talking *about* each other, but rather talking *with* each other.

I had the pleasure of placing Jen Pockell Dimas as Chief Marketing and Experience Officer for Telarus, the global technology solutions brokerage. She joined the podcast with Evan DeCorte from Columbia Capital. The two have managed to forge a fruitful partnership together.

You’ll hear about:

  • How investors can have admittedly ‘reptilian’ brains
  • How investors focus on Big V value: getting more value for the business than they paid for it
  • How to translate marketing-speak into investor-speak
  • How to set yourself up for a successful standing with the Board from the interview process onward: “Invest in the relationship before you even accept the job so you are on the same page for expectations.”
  • How to react when a Board member suggests a marketing direction that feels like a firedrill
  • Why asking how Board meeting prep could be shorter is ‘the wrong question to ask’
  • A simple framing that will help as you prep your board meetings