A CMO in scale-up mode needs to budget like a boss!

Kristin Hambelton, CMO scaleup queen now running marketing for MineralTree, takes us on a deep dive of budgeting for marketing during a scale journey. You’ll learn:

  • How do you communicate to a CEO and CFO that you are investing efficiently… without overspending
  • When do you give budget back versus ask for more
  • How to remind your peers of what marketing will and won’t do: “You won’t get to scale saying yes to everything!”
  • How your budget should change through expansions and acquisitions

From a hiring standpoint, we discuss:

  • The wisdom of Swiss Army knife hiring – when 1 marketer manages multiple functions
  • How to do ‘lookalike’ training with your recruiter
  • The one person on a marketing team who should NOT be remote
  • The best question a CMO candidate could ask the recruiter: How do I rank on the scorecard for the job?
  • How to experiment with hiring, not just with programs, and the wisdom of having some experimental people on the team whose backgrounds may initially make you squint

This is Episode 3 of The Get podcast, now in Season 4. This season, we explore the theme ‘Solving for the Scale Journey.’