What’s it like behind the scenes when CEOs and private equity Talent Partners recruit CMOs for PE-backed companies? Hear from a ‘talent whisperer’ from a PE firm. 

Welcome to the first episode of Season 4 of The Get podcast! This season, we explore the theme ‘Solving for the Scale Journey.’ Our first guest is Bryan West, the Head of Talent for Resurgens Technology Partners.


If you’re a CMO looking to work in a private-equity-backed business, or a hiring leader in a PE-backed company, you will come across the PE talent partner.

In this episode:

  • You’ll learn about the role of the PE talent partner in recruiting CMOs.
  • We discuss whether prior experience with scaling is or is not the best predictor of future scaling success.
  • You’ll hear about the soft skills framework Bryan uses to vet CMO candidates. In particular, listen for his definition of agility: not just being adaptable, but being PROACTIVELY adaptable.
  • We unpack the difference between a candidate who can go into a new situation and figure it out versus a candidate who has a plan of attack.

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