It’s a new episode of The Get podcast! I interview Guy Weismantel, the EVP of Marketing at Ncontracts, the SaaS fintech darling based in Nashville. I had the honor of placing Guy in his role many months ago, and since then the company has doubled. Guy gives a rapid-fire lesson on the do’s and don’ts of scaling — as close to a scale-up formula as it gets!

We discuss:

  • Surveying the field of play first, and the wisdom of “letting the game come to you”
  • Aligning on what scale means to your CEO and Board
  • Avoiding overselling what marketing can do
  • Assessing the resources you have at your disposal, both within and outside marketing 
  • Leading your board on a journey of where marketing is taking them 
  • Embracing the fact that your team members may only expect to be with you for a defined amount of time

We also cover:

  • How the 10MM-15MM scale-up is different from the 50MM-100MM scaleup 
  • Key questions to ask the Board before saying yes to the marketing leadership job
  • How to not get offended by Board members who don’t understand marketing
  • “Moneyball” hiring

This is Episode 4 of The Get podcast, now in Season 4. This season, we explore the theme ‘Solving for the Scale Journey.’