Who Are Our Clients?

The organizations we mesh well with have very high standards for talent, but often compete for that talent with bigger employers that are better known. Therefore they sometimes have trouble attracting the quality or quantity of candidates they deserve.

These organizations often have recruiting support internally, but occasionally have particularly challenging searches at the senior level that could benefit from niche expertise and dedicated, proactive outreach.

Representative Projects:

  • A VP of Research for a startup in the marketing tech space
  • A VP to lead client relationships in the marketing analytics space
  • A trends and insights maven to help major brands wow the Gen Y audience
  • A Data Science Director for a boutique research-based consultancy: Moneyball meets marketing meets consulting
  • An SVP with marketing, analytics, biz dev, and leadership chops to drive growth for a marketing technology company
  • A product management/product marketing leader to help a startup tech company get to product/market fit
  • A B2B marketing leader with content marketing, thought leadership, and social media savvy to drive engagement with CMOs
  • A thought leader and business builder to grow a services business for an innovation technology company

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