Thursday, 31 July 2014 13:49

How My Friend At Meetup Attracts Talent While He Sleeps

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Recently I emailed my friend Andres, who works at Meetup. A moment later, I received this out-of-office message from him:


I thought, "What a great idea!" Andres is using his out of office response as a marketing tool, to:

  1. Showcase the sabbatical perk at Meetup
  2. Point people to Meetup's recruiting site

With this approach, you could attract talent while you sleep. Or while you swim, surf, or sail.

You could even highlight specific roles: "Do you know a great data scientist? Click here."

Andres's ten-second investment in attracting talent is a great example of applying marketing chops to recruiting, which is a theme I discuss in my upcoming research report on "The Talent Land Grab In Marketing Tech: How To Win."

I will be presenting the results of this research at the MarTech Conference in August.  To read a preview, check out this Q&A on the Chief Marketing Technologist blog.

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