Erica Seidel, Founder

I was drawn to start a boutique recruiting practice after years of being the informal connector among talented people in the marketing/tech ecosystem.

As founder of The Connective Good, I help high-growth companies attract the talent that they wouldn't find on their own. For these organizations, finding amazing people is critical: recruiting needs to look less like procurement and more like one-to-one sales.

Our niche: recruiting leaders with backgrounds in marketing analytics, marketing tech, market research, marketer-focused sales, and digital strategy.

Our recruiting process that has led -- repeatedly -- to great results, delighted clients, and sky-high retention rates.

Some background on my career: After graduating from Brown, I jump-started my career with a tour of high-tech companies, working with Sony and Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) developing cutting-edge software and ensuring a strong customer experience through ethnographic customer research.  I first stumbled into my knack for recruiting when I built a network of customers to participate in product design. Then it was off to Wharton for my MBA – a great base for building the extended network I enjoy today.

When I got the opportunity to run Forrester Research’s advisory business for CMOs, I made my official transition from connecting 'products to people' to connecting 'people to people.' I grew the CMO Group by 600% and then was promoted to a larger role as head of Forrester’s Interactive Marketing Council. In these roles, I led forums for top executives to exchange best practices in marketing and tech. I oversaw biz dev, client service, product management, and marketing. Not only was I able to expand my network with amazing people in marketing, but I got a front-row seat to the needs and challenges of senior marketers.

Today, as Founder of The Connective Good, I help my clients find the elusive top talent they need to scale.

See my LinkedIn profile for more on my background and testimonials of my work.

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